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Here at Detail, we believe the kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s the hub of the house where we meet to talk, eat, relax and entertain. We believe that a kitchen extension should reflect your personality and style, fulfil all your requirements and inspire you every day, and our affordable services will expand your space and breathe new life into your home.

Whether you’re thinking of refitting your kitchen, adding an extension to your home or want to make a few changes to this key space to boost your property’s value, our designs are drawn up with your needs in mind and our qualified, experienced builders can bring them to life in a matter of weeks.

Kitchen Extensions

Creating a large, open-plan kitchen can modernise your home while creating a fantastic space for family evenings and social events. As part of your kitchen extension, we will remove interior walls, create additional structural supports, and completely refurbish the interior.

While most clients agree that bigger is better, there are a variety of restrictions on the size of your kitchen extension. The obvious restriction is your garden size; you will need to decide how much of your garden you will be willing to use for the extension. Many clients opt for landscaping the garden and adding decking/patio space as the kitchen extension typically builds onto the existing pavement.

If you are building your kitchen extension as a permitted development extension, there are further limitations placed on size. These extensions can’t be more than 50% of the size of the original property (for side extensions), and cannot be more than 4m in depth. The extension must also be lower than the existing roof, and should be made with similar materials to the rest of your home.

Our initial meeting will involve discussing your requirements and potential costs involved – unfortunately at this stage we are unable to provide exact costs as our designs have not been created so the parameters for the project are not clear. Our architects are available to create your free design and guide you through the planning consent process for you.

Once we have the working drawings, we will finalize our quotation and draw up the paperwork for the build. At this stage our architect will discuss the final design further and confirm material choices. However, this is difficult if we have already purchased materials or planning permission has been granted. Therefore, we ask that you sign off on the design when you sign the paperwork with us. The paperwork will include a specification of work and a payment schedule.

When the paperwork has been signed, we will agree a start date with you and schedule a pre-start meeting so you can meet the site foreman and answer any final questions you may have.

Since the kitchen is so integral to the running of your household, we offer to set up a small, temporary kitchen elsewhere in the house while we complete the work. We aim to minimise disruption while we build your new kitchen.

Depending on the size, design and interior, kitchen extensions take approximately 8-10 weeks. The site foreman is responsible for keeping your work on schedule, and he will discuss any delays or issues with you as they occur.

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